About Creative Void

Who we are

The who

Creative Void was started by two friends that worked in the web industry and were tired of all the bad websites they had to work on.
We had one simple goal: Maximizing results. So we quickly got addicted to that feeling when a project’s success skyrockets.
P.S.: We promise to place our pictures here one day.

The why

Working in the web industry over the years has taught us that there is fewer and fewer quality work out there. And we’re trying our best to change that. That’s why we like when we meet like-minded people, together we can rebuild the web.
The right way.

The how

One of our jobs is to guide our clients to the right decisions, considering, of course, their product’s vision and desired direction. However, we choose not to take too much work at a time, mainly because the final result and quality of product should be superior.
We always like to learn new thinking processes and/or strategies for design, new and improved web technologies, such as angular.js or vue.js, so we try to integrate “the newest and hottest” in the projects signed Creative Void.

Our values


Open mindedness

We don’t blindly follow a specific mindset. Instead we treat every project differently. We experiment, learn from our mistakes and adapt.


We constantly find new thinking processes or strategies, learn new and improved web technologies, such as angular.js or vue.js, so we try to use the best resources for the projects signed by Creative Void.

How we work




The journey to get to a specific goal is not always straightforward, especially in the User Experience field, sometimes we have to repeat and test a certain task, each time getting closer and closer to the desired result. It always gives us better results. Therefore, over time, we've developed certain steps to take when we feel we're not innovating enough.

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Thanks for your interest in our services.

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